Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services will I offer?

Franchise owners are business professionals who provide a full range of printing, graphics, marketing, and mailing services – from small copy jobs to high-volume multi-color printing, signs, banners, and window and auto graphics – and so much more.

Describe the ideal franchise owner.

Our owners are leaders in their communities. They often have marketing or sales backgrounds, management experience, superior people skills, and inquisitive minds. They understand the importance of implementing a solid marketing plan supported by a strong outside sales effort and are actively involved in the selling process. Our owners will provide high-level professional service to other businesses and to their community.

Do I need printing experience?
Absolutely not! In fact, the production work will be performed by your experienced staff. Your role is to develop the business and maintain your business networks in your community. You will hire and manage your staff, who will assist in sales, marketing, and day-to-day operations of your franchise.

Perhaps you already own a printing business and would like to join our franchise family. Great! Give us a call to discuss your options.

What type of training and support do you provide to your franchise owners?

You will receive instruction in business management: accounting, personnel, direct sales, marketing and public relation skills, to name only a few areas of study. Continuing education is provided for owners and their employees in the form of seminars, conferences, workshops, and webinars that cover a wide variety of topics.

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