DPM 34 HSC (Presstek)

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The ABDick Digital PlateMaster 34 SC/HSC is an easy-to-use, highresolution platesetter designed for use with small-format portrait presses. This affordable direct-to-plate solution features a fully integrated Harlequin®-based RIP and internal polyester plate processor. The DPM34 SC/HSC streamlines your workflow by seamlessly blending the precision and efficiency of digital platemaking with the functionality of conventional printing. Producing press-ready plates from your desktop computer eliminates many steps from the prepress process. Less operator involvement and fewer materials are required which means greater accuracy, reduced costs and faster turnaround. With screen rulings up to 175 lpi, the DPM34 SC/HSC is ideally suited for a wide range of applications—from simple spot color jobs to more intricate process color work. An image area of 12.6″ x 19.2″ (320 x 489 mm) lets you print two-up, full-bleed.


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