Heartland Payment Systems

Heartland Payment Systems offers a full array of merchant services, with a focus on maximizing revenues and streamlining business practices.


With a focus on a fully secured solution, utilizing Heartland’s services ensures end-to-end encryption on all transactions, which is guaranteed with a 100% coverage warranty against breach or fraud.
We are a transparent, Tier 1 processor, eliminating “middle-man” fees, junk fees, and padded Interchange rates. Our 36 month term locks in the rate for the customer, unlock most other providers that tend to raise their rates every quarter.

If the customer is ever unhappy with Heartland, they are always able to terminate the 36 month agreement for a standard fee of $299.00

Heartland Payment Systems

Carolina Kato

Relationship Manager

[email protected]

C 713.828.3215

Twitter: @HeartlandHPY
Facebook: HeartlandHPY
LinkedIn: Heartland Payment Systems


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