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Konica Minolta’s bizhub PRO C6501 is the ideal solution for commercial print businesses to handle short-run, on-demand jobs. It excels in transactional environments that require high speeds for quick job turnaround, large paper and output capacities for automated long-run operation, the ability to run diverse substrates, thorough finishing capabilities, and above all, reliability and durability.

Production-Level Productivity and Reliability

Offering a large 7,500-sheet paper capacity and 8,000-sheet output capacity, the C6501 boosts print efficiency, while on-the-fly toner and paper replacement reduce downtime. With a colour and B/W output speed of 65 pages-per-minute and a warm-up time of less than 7 minutes, it’s always ready to work in high-pressure environments.

Exceptional Image Quality

1800 dpi (equivalent) × 600 dpi output resolution is just one example of the C6501’s superiority. Adopting the Simitri HD polymerised toner with smaller and more uniform particles, lines become finer, and characters are cleaner. An exclusive laser exposure control, dot position control, multi-bit screen, and text enhancement bring fine-line precise text reproduction. High registration accuracy, image alignment, and precise adjustments of image position and magnification are available as well. CRS (Colour Retention and Stability) technology continuously monitors the status of the main body, and makes adjustments according to changes in the print environment to offer stable image quality without colour aberration—even during long-run printing.

Media Flexibility

One of the strongest design aspects of the C6501 is the range of compatible media. Paper sizes up to 330 × 487mm and weights from 64—256g/m² (64—300g/m² with the multi-bypass) are supported. The C6501 also features exclusive technologies to improve the reliability of heavy and coated stock paper feeding. To reduce paper stress, the Simitri HD polymerised toner was designed to be fixed at a low temperature, while the lower pressure roller of the fixing unit features a cooling vent that prevents overheating.

Various High-Quality Finishing Options

By combining its optional inline finishers, the C6501 can meet the requirements of an assortment of job types. The FD-503 Multi-Folding Unit offers six folding patterns, along with hole punching and paper insertion functions. The SD-506 Saddle Stitcher folds, staples and trims pages to create professional booklets in a fully automated process. For stapling large stacks, the FS-521 Staple Finisher is ideal, and the FS-607 Staple Finisher can handle a variety of functions including folding, hole punching, stapling and saddle stitching.

Flexible Print Controller

There are three types of print controllers to choose from, depending on the purpose and use: the embedded Fiery IC-408, external Fiery IC-305, and the external Creo IC-304 Plus. Offering high productivity and automation, outstanding colour image quality, compatibility with graphic arts systems, and useful features such as variable print, these print controllers are perfectly suited to the complex demands and varied requirements of any professional production environment.


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