Rapid 106 Saddle Stitchers

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The Rapid 106 Electric Stapler is the first and only “gangable” combination stapler ever introduced to the printing industry. When operated in either flat or saddle position, R106 stapler is capable of stapling from 2 to 45 sheets.


  • R106 stapler adjustable power control allows precise impact setting
  • Dual adjustable touch trips enable exact staple placement
  • Hinged safety shield automatically shuts power off when lifted
  • Detachable foot pedal
  • Gangster option allows multiple head stapling by linking units together with fiber-optic cables
  • R106 electric stapler thin design and optional narrow table allows stapling of very narrow materials
  • By adding extra units and fiber-optic cables, users can go from single head to multiple head stapling in less than 10 minutes

Group Stapling Kit Features:

  • Allows for multi-stapling
  • Operate two or more Rapid 106 Staplers side by side with one foot switch
  • Attached by optic cable
  • For saddle only
  • Staple distance 2-1/2″ to 15″, center to center
  • Kit Includes: Saddle runner with two brackets, optic cable, and two small anvils

R106 stapler options:

  • 16″ Fiber-Optic Cable
  • 28″Fiber-Optic Cable, GangPlank
  • Gangster Package
  • Adjustable Stand

Staple Guide:

  • Staplex Type DS 1/4″ Staples for stapling 2 to 20 sheets 20# bond paper.
  • Staplex Type LL 9/32″ long leg Staples for stapling 15 to 35 sheets of 20 bond paper.
  • Staplex Type MM 5/16″ extra long leg Staples for stapling 30 to 45 sheets of 20 bond paper.


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