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The Model V-50 vertical is an automatic job cylinder press designed to handle the majority of printing jobs at maximum speed and minimum cost. It is designed to print from simple type forms, half tones, color and process plates with maximum efficiency. The operating speed of the V-50 ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 impressions per hour, depending upon the nature of the job to be run.

The V-50 employs the principle of having the bed and cylinder each performing one-half the printing stroke, with the combined weight of the bed and associated parts, thus permitting high-speed production with an almost total absence of jar or vibration. The impression mechanism, through the use of the stop-cylinder principle, permits the cylinder to revolve only on the up (printing) stroke. The press rests upon three points of support, making it impossible for the press to get out of alignment and eliminating the need for leveling the machine.


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